Apps For Earth – Apple Inc. Bringing the Party!

red212 earth day


In celebration of Earth Day this week, Apple has launched its “Apps for Earth” initiative in support of the World Wildlife Federation. Twenty-seven apps have added new environmental content, and money spent on those apps, as well as any in-app purchases, goes to the WWF to help advance its environmental and climate efforts across the globe. Some are saying Apple is a tad tardy to the “green” party. Well, maybe. But the truth is, Apple, with its gargantuan brand awareness and massive reach, just might actually be bringing the party.


Think about it.


Apple is the world’s largest company by market capitalization. Over 700 million iPhones have been in the hands of actively engaged customers in more than 150 countries. Over 100 billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store. Just one of the apps included in the “Apps for Earth” initiative, Angry Birds 2, has been downloaded 85 million times alone. So, suffice it to say, when Apple rolls, it rolls big. It’s like showing up at the soirée with the kegs, the sound system, a live band, a roving band of hula dancers, the Kardashians, Blue Man Group, Pitbull (Mr. Worldwide, natch …) and the chip dip, to boot.


Apple–certainly as much as any other single company in the world–has the influence, means, cachet, and (perhaps most importantly) audience to spread the message, raise the funds, and make it happen, to use their business—their incredible reach—as a true force for change in the world. And, in the case of “Apps for Earth,” Apple is doing it in a way that empowers the consumer to actively participate in the change they’re trying to make. It’s a way of telling the consumer, “Your purchases can have an impact. You can help change the world with us.”


So, tsk-tsk the Cupertino crew for its tardiness if you must. But here at RED 212, we’re blowing the horns, hooting the hooters, tapping the kegs, and striking up the band. Welcome to the party, Apple. Hey, you’ve only revolutionized the way the entire world works, watches, listens and communicates.


Nice to see you moving on to the big stuff.